The Tables Podcast

The Tables Podcast Episode #3 “Drunk Pokemon Orgies in the world of 80’s Evil Dead”

This week Patrick Taylor and Morgan Smith sit with me at the table to talk about Pokemon/80’s remakes/Thrash Metal and another installment of “Crazy Drunk Stories”.


The Tables Podcast Episode #2 “Superior Spiderman loves Hip-Hop, 2013 and hates The Hobbit”

This week’s podcast was recorded on December 31 2013. I invited another one of my closest friends to sit and wrap up the year recording a podcast with me. We chit-chatted about our loath for The Hobbit movie, New Year’s Resolutions, The woe’s of becoming adults and the SUPERIOR SPIDERMAN comic.

Warning: There are MANY MANY spoilers for both The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Superior Spider man issues #1-24.

ALSO: There’s EXTREMELY explicit content.

The Table’s Podcast Episode #1 “Denzel Washington meets passing out in a Shopping Cart”

Hear yee, Hear yee!

This week, I had a fun time meeting up with my old friend Jerry Rodriguez to catch up and talk about t.v. shows, mobsters, movies and comic book heros. We discussed our points of view on topics like Breaking Bad, casting for Batman vs Superman, the ultimate BADASS that is Liam Neeson and the moral question of “If you were a cop, would you be a good cop or crooked one” I also included my “Shout out of the Week” and Jerry shared with us his “Crazy Drunk Story”.


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